What Guests Are Saying - HP Fan Tours
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What Guests Are Saying


Lois, witch

“It was the BEST HP Fan Trip ever. Such a Fantastical time!”


Zandra, witch

“I had such a fun time on the tour this past summer I wish I could go again next summer but I think I’ll need to wait a few years. Seriously best fan trip ever and a great way to explore London and Scotland, there’s never a dull moment” 

Carolyn, witch

“I wanna go back & do it all over. Loved it. Leigh & Tyler put a lot of energy into this tour. So much to see & do. A must for fans.”


Shellie, witch

This is the best Tour ever. I would do it every year if I could!!”


Heidi, witch

I highly recommend this tour – it is amazing!! Any true HP fan will love it!