What Guests Are Saying - HP Fan Tours
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What Guests Are Saying


Lois, witch

“It was the BEST HP Fan Trip ever. Such a Fantastical time!”


Zandra, witch

“I had such a fun time on the tour this past summer I wish I could go again next summer but I think I’ll need to wait a few years. Seriously best fan trip ever and a great way to explore London and Scotland, there’s never a dull moment” 

Carolyn, witch

“I wanna go back & do it all over. Loved it. Leigh & Tyler put a lot of energy into this tour. So much to see & do. A must for fans.”


Shellie, witch

This is the best Tour ever. I would do it every year if I could!!”

Nola, witch

“Friends asked me what did I like the most about my HP Fan tour? It’s a hard question to answer! It was like each day got better. I loved the owls, the classes, the studio tour, Mina Lima, The Cauldron, staying in the castle, the train, the movie night, and all my new Harry Potter family. Adrienne our guide was fantastic as well as Leigh and staff.  (So helpful and knowledgeable.) And thanks for the quidditch exhibition! ?”


Heidi, witch

I highly recommend this tour – it is amazing!! Any true HP fan will love it!

Szakalys, wizard family

Traveling with this group was special for so many reasons. The team at HP Fan Tours delivered exceptional service and curated experiences we couldn’t have imagined on our own. We were awestruck every day, completely immersed in our favorite scenes. The experience of a lifetime for Harry Potter fans.

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